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Master Limited
A unique investment strategy seeking a
high total rate of
return from both
tax- advantaged income and capital appreciaton through investments
in MLP units.
MLP Investment Options
Eagle Global Advisors manages $2.5 billion for institutional and individual investors in Master Limited Partnerships. Investment options include separately managed accounts, partnerships, and a mutual fund that has retained its status as a Registered Investment Company (RIC).
MLP History
As an early entrant in the actively managed MLP portfolio space, Eagle has a long and successful track record on both an absolute and relative basis. Malcom Day, Co-Chairman of the MLP investment committee, joined Eagle Global Advisors in 2003 and has been managing MLP portfolios since 2001. Co-Chairman David Chiaro has been an MLP and midstream analyst since 1995. Prior to joining Eagle in 2009, he was the lead MLP and Pipeline analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Eagle has gained a reputation as a leading MLP investment manager whose disciplined and pragmatic approach has produced outstanding results for clients. Over the last several years the team has expanded to include other professionals with like reputations who bring additional MLP-specific experience and resources to the effort.
MLP Philosophy
Eagle believes the appropriate way to build and preserve wealth through investing in Master Limited Partnerships is to focus on MLPs that have strong, stable, and sustainable business models. The dependability of the cash distribution is extremely important in analyzing and valuing MLP investments. Eagle’s investment methodology favors companies with limited or no commodity price exposure, strong balance sheets, proven management commitment, that are attractively valued based on current and prospective distributions.
MLP Investment Strategy
Eagle Global Advisors seeks a high total rate of return from both tax advantaged income and capital appreciation through investments in Master Limited Partnership (MLP) units. Our investment process favors partnerships that have significant potential to increase cash distributions over time, those that have strong management commitment, and are reasonably valued based on distributable cash flow. Eagle applies fundamental valuation models to monitor the portfolio and generate new investment ideas from the universe of publicly traded master limited partnership units. We seek partnerships which distribute income in a tax efficient manner and evaluate the tax effects of all portfolio changes.
MLP Process
Eagle’s MLP team model the investible universe of Master Limited Partnerships. Eagle builds detailed cash flow models to analyze the cash distribution power of each MLP over a multi-year horizon. Historically, we have found that the MLP market, which is dominated by retail investors, undervalue distribution growth for faster growing MLPs and general partners.
Additional Information on Master Limited Partnerships
Commentary & Additional Information
EGA MLP Commentary Q2 2018
Why Invest in MLPs?
ATTRACTIVE long term returns
LOWER volatility than the equity market  
DIVERSIFICATION - low correlation with other asset classes  
HIGH expected future rate of return  
HIGH income generation, with tax advantages for individuals and taxable entities
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"MLP Insight" an interview with Malcom Day, Chairman, MLP Investment Committee
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